March 2018

Gwyneth Paltrow is Not a Doctor

Gwyneth Paltrow's newsletter, Goop, and its nonsense ramblings has long been an irritation to me. The woman has no medical training and offers ludicrous advice, not to mention suggestions for everything from clothing to household items that are so costly they'd eat my whole check. Parks and Recreation has done incredible spoofs of her "work." She's competely out of touch with the rest of us "peasants," which makes her annoying at best, but now one of the pieces of advice that she gives her readers has led to the death of a woman.

Women in Medicine Say Me Too

Doctors are in such positions of power that it's difficult to think of them as victims of anything, let alone harassment, but it happens to women no matter their profession. Women in the medical field are also often likely to be lower down the food chain within the hierarchy, giving many higher-ups a sense of entitlement and power over them. A recent slew of doctors have come forward to share their #metoo moments and they are just as disturbing as any other women's stories.

Stress Changes Our Brains

There have been some really interesting developments in terms of stress on the brain lately. Not only have we learned that stress changes the actual cellular makeup of the brain, but in female rodents some social interaction will actually help reverse the effects of the stress. If true in humans, this confirms that friendship is an important part of health, although it did not appear to be the same for male mice.