February 2018

Forest Medicine

Some of the best words in the world have no English translations. Take hygge, the Danish concept of comfort and coziness with loved ones. Don't you love it? In Japan, there is the concept of "forest medicine," which is simply healing yourself through the power of nature, wherever you are at.

How Love is Good Medicine

Friends, children, parents, siblings, lovers... no matter who you love, love is good for you. There are plenty of benefits of being in love to be had. That feel-good drug that makes you feel happy all the time when you're in love? That's dopamine, and it's what gives you that big, dopey lovestruck grin. This chemical stays steady in steady relationships rather than in new ones, which can be stressful.

Most Medical Studies Are Baloney

For my teen current events class, I prepared a bunch of resources for my group of 21 kids to help them assess news. In my research I discovered a pretty startling fact about medical studies. Not only do we have 300% more medical studies completed today since the 1960s, but most of them are just crap. They lean certain ways, exclude imortant variables and are often proven wrong within mere weeks or months following their publication.