January 2018

First Black Female Neurosurgeon Resident at Johns Hopkins

The fact that it took Johns Hopkins Hospital 30 years to accept a black woman into its neurosurgical residency program itself is big news, but let's not allow that to taint the awesome news that Nancy Abu-Bonsrah has been admitted as the first black woman to the program. It's the second best program of its kind in the country and it only accepts a handful of residents every year, so it's an honor for anyone, but Abu-Bonsrah is making history.

Cancer Blood Testing in Development

Imagine a world where you can find the cancer in your body without biopsies or anything more invasive than a pinprick to the finger or a simple needle drawing blood. That world may exist for us sooner than you think. A new blood test that is being evaluated by scientists in the United States, Italy and Australia may be able to detect 8 types of cancer soon, with three of those types previously undetectable by any other means.

Supplements That Work Just As Well

When it comes to supplements, science has proven that many of them just aren't as good (or even good at all) as the drugs they are meant to mimic. Some may have a placebo effect while others don't even work at all, yet people continue taking them, attributing the success of other factors to the supplements themselves. It can even be dangerous when people attempt to use supplements instead of a prescription in some cases.

Type 2 Diabetes is Reversible

People often believe that once they are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, it's the end of it all. They have to use medicine to live a healthy life and may still suffer complications. The truth, though, is that there is a way to reverse it through low-calorie eating. Studies have proven that if you can knock off about 1/6 of your body weight in order to release some of the fat surrounding your organs, your body functions can return to normal.