December 2017

Can Sperm Lower Depression?

According to a study conducted by the State University of New York, sperm may contain several different types of anti-depressants as well as mood-lifting chemicals that help induce sleep and increase feelings of affection. Scientists have long known that sex leads to the production of oxytocin, the "love hormone," that makes you want to cuddle after sex and may increase the sensations in an orgasm. Perhaps these findings are linked to that chemical as well.

Names on Doctor Caps

When you are on the operating table, things can be very scary. Depending on what hospital you are in and which doctors you have, you may be reassured or experience record blood pressure. What if your doctors wrote their names on their caps for you? Would that help you put names to faces (or at least eyes) and feel a bit better about knowing people who are working on you?

Blood Pressure Drug Raises Cancer Risk

It seems like every drug available wants you to buy it so much that it advertises itself to you, asks you to talk to your doctor about it and professes to be a miracle with so many side effects that it's probably not worth taking at all. Of course, it's the pharmaceutical companies engaging in all of this advertising, and it's absolutey ridiculous to think a commercial should give you medical advice. It's even more ridiculous to find out that your medication, a common pill to help you with blood pressure, can raise your risk of cancer sevenfold!

Why Women Remove Body Hair

Have you ever wondered why women remove their body hair? There's nothing wrong with it; in fact, it serves a lot of purposes, from carrying pheromones to aiding with sweat wicking and other functions. It's supposed to be there; why else would you grow it? But many women and men have a phobia of hair on women's bodies and it can be traced back to the shaving companies themselves.