August 2017

Dancing Helps Keep You Young

For years, people have said that dancing can help keep you young. It's usually taken as a figurative idea, given that dancing makes you have fun and feel young, but now scientists say that it actually can slow the aging process. When you take dance classes, for example, studies show that your brain speed and memory can increase while your overall health also benefits from the movements.

Eye Protection During An Eclipse

After witnessing the amazing solar eclipse on Monday, many people are left wondering what to do with their eclipse glasses. Many have tried to recycle their glasses while others have thrown them away or tossed them in a drawer. (Keep in mind that you are advised to get rid of them after three years because they may no longer work.) Did you know that you can give those glasses away to help kids see eclipses in other countries?

HPV Vaccine

It's not that I don't trust the government. OK, I really don't trust the government. We have all kinds of cover-ups, lies and misleading information as part of our history, present and surely our future. That said, I'm not an "anti-vaxxer." My child has had flu shots, immunizations, and even extra immunizations due to health conditions that she had as an infant. And as much as I want to protect her against cervical cancer, I'm just on the fence about HPV vaccines.

Dr. Peter Breggin Shares Light on Michelle Carter Case

The case of Michelle Carter, a young depressed woman who texted her depressed boyfriend and told him to kill himself, has the nation in an uproar calling for blood. Aside from the obvious dangerous implications this case can have on freedom of speech, its importance in terms of mental health and the effects of drug use to treat it have come under fire. While the woman, who was 17 when the boy she'd only met a few times killed himself, did receive a guilty sentence, many people are calling for her to spend the rest of her life behind bars.