July 2017

Preemies Do Just As Well At School

As the parent of a micropreemie, I understand many of the concerns that parents of premature babies carry. I'm here to put at least one worry to rest: studies show that premature babies who grow up do not lag behind in school. Preemies perform equally to their peers on average, so there's no need to worry about any extra academic help that your son or daughter may need based on his or her prematurity yet.

Your Runner's High is Like a Pot High

"I don't need pot. I get a natural high!" I know I've heard this one before. How about you? I'm not even a drug user and it irritates me. I know we can all be a little sanctimonious at times, but I really do think that our government has made things like pot look a lot worse than they truly are, and people are shamed and jailed for it. Well, guess what? That high you get from running? It's just like a pot high, so congratulations--you're more alike than you thought!

Menstruation Does Not Adversely Impact Brain Function

A new study indicates that menstruation has no effects on brain function. While some women say that they experience "brain fog" during menstruation, the study, which only studied 88 women who have "regular menstrual cycles," concluded that there was no bearing on cognitive function during menstruation. While this may be good news for women who are tired of men complaining that they're somehow inferior while on their periods, it's simply not entirely true. How many women experiene irregular periods?