June 2017

Sometimes A Spade Is A Spade

Remember how last week we talked about how sometimes, as obvious as it seems, your condition may be something else entirely? How conditions like gallstones are often diagnosed as heartburn? Well, the opposite can be equally true! How many times did you decide you had a cold, then strep, then a cold, only to realize that DUH, your symptoms pointed to the cold the whole time? As painful as one can be, sometimes you just have a really painful version of the less serious condition!

It's Not Necessarily a Yeast Infection

Having resources to help us understand how diseases work, what types of treatments are available and what common patients have experienced is very helpful to modern people looking for answers. It's when we self-diagnose that we start running into problems. Take a standard yeast infection. Many sources say that if the discharge is white and there's no odor, it's not a bacterial infection, but a yeast infection. Plenty of people, however, have discovered that with their bodies, that just isn't the case. Acid reflux is another weird disease.

The Incredible Growing and Shrinking Liver

Did you know that your liver grows during the day and shrinks back to its original size at night while you rest? In a new study published last month, researchers explained that the livers of mice are largest when they are most active and shrink back down when they are sleeping. It makes sense when you think about it: the liver swells while it's working hardest, then relaxes when you relax.