May 2017

Can meds make us athletic?

If a drug could turn you from a couch potato to an athlete, would you take it? A chemical that turns mice from lazyheads to fitness lovers has been discovered. It's called GW1516 and it gave the mice extra endurance, resistance to weight gain and helps the mice work out more easily. It could be a huge breakthrough for humans, particularly those who find it hard to begin a fitness routine due to lack of stamina.

The Brains of Only Children May Be Different

A new study has been published that indicates that being an only child can change the structure of the brain. It's a small study and pretty much all studies need to be taken with a grain of salt these days (as do the media that reports on the studies!), but it's something that does make sense. According to the study, being an only child may make you more flexible in terms of thinking, a creative quality that may be reduced when you have siblings.

Share Your Trumpcare Story

Under the proposed American Health Care Act of 2017, thousands of Americans stand to lose coverage or face skyrocketing costs. Instead of moving another step forward toward single payer coverage, the Republicans are taking America backwards (in many other ways as well). The ability to receive care despite pre-existing conditions will be nullfied, and everyone from mothers by birth to rape victims to domestic violence survivors stand to lose their coverage based on these conditions.