March 2017

Easy Self-Care Ideas

If you’re like a lot of people, you love the idea of self-care but you’re completely sick of people telling you to light a candle, take a bath and have a mani-pedi to do it. These activities are not only trite, but also not comprehensive, as not everyone enjoys them. The truth is that self-care is completely personal, so creating a good list is nearly impossible. Whether it’s a quick walk with friends, snuggling with a pet, binging Disney movies or dancing in your underwear, self-care is completely what YOU think it should be.

Could anorexia be genetic?

When it comes to diseases like anorexia nervosa, patient care cannot be taken seriously enough--but what if you could predict the disease and help treat it before it damages a person's life forever? The UC San Diego School of Medicine has discovered that anorexia nervosa is linked to a gene in a new report, released after a team was able to create the first cellular model of the eating disorder in history.

Meds Through Breast Milk

If you’ve ever given a crying baby medicine, you know how difficult it can be. There’s plenty of waste as babies struggle, turn their heads at the worst moments and fight you tooth and nail while you attempt to give them sometimes life-saving medicine. Mixing it into milk is sometimes an option, but when you are breastfeeding that just means you have to use a bottle, which takes away one of the perks of breastfeeding to begin with.