January 2012

Social Stress Can Make You Sick

Study finds competitive behavior leads to inflammatory responses


It seems pretty obvious that social angst in your day to day life could easily lead to feeling crappy all the time, or even to major depression. But most of the time we assume that it's a purely psychological phenomenon, with no real physiological origins or consequences. A new study, however, finds that stress caused by negative social interactions may actually change your biology for the worse.

Medicine Update - Could Grape Seed Extract Fight Cancer?

A new report out indicates that Grape Seed Extract could be a helpful tool in killing head and neck cancer cells. However, the natural product leaves healthy cells alone. According to reports, about 12,000 people will die each year from head and neck type cancers each year in the United States. Around the world, more than 500,000 people will die from such conditions each year. A finding like this could be life changing for many people.

A study was published by Carcinogenesis that indicates that GSE, or Grape Seed Extract could help to kill these cells effectively. The effect is dramatic. The success of such a treatment depends on the ability of the healthy cell to wait out damage. Whenever the conditions exist in which cancer cells cannot grow, they will die. The goal of treatment, then, is to create such an environment. That's where this seemingly simple thing comes into play.

Egg Banks, Egg Freezing and IVF

One of the greatest ways for couples to conceive is thorugh the process of egg freezing. A medical specialist who is not trained in this area might have limited knowledge, so it is important to be educated. The woman has two options to conceive. She can either have eggs harvested and use her own or she can have someone donate eggs to be implanted in her. The eggs will be frozen and at a later date implantation will occur.

Acetaminophen and Dosing

The drug acetaminophen is often given to children. The purpose of this drug is to relieve fever and pain. However, many people are not aware of the correct dosages to give someone who needs it. One of the reasons for this might be the different forms that acetaminophen is available in. This drug has been in family homes since the 1970s and it is also one of those drugs that people can use to overdose on if the correct dosing is not followed. In some instances, overdoses can occur when parents do not correctly administer this medication to their child. This causes liver toxicity that is marked by a nauseous feeling and wanting to throw up or vomit. Some people will have pain inside their abdomen and in severe cases, liver failure.

Do's and Don'ts of Pill Splitting

Some Pills are Not Safe to Split

Some patients decide to split pills because it saves them money. Even some health authority organizations and doctors are recommending patients split pills. Initially doctors advised patients to split pills when the dosage the patient needed was not readily available; pharmaceutical companies only make a few fixed dosage amounts, which may not be the proper dosage a patient needs. Later, the reasoning for pill splitting was both for proper dosage and money saving.  Pharmaceutical companies typically charge close to the same amount for a medication despite its dosage. However, it's been a controversial topic because some pills are not safe to split.

Morgellons Disease Officially Classified As A Psychiatric Disorder

Multi-year CDC study is finally in
Sores erupt on your skin. You find small hairs and fibers inside the sores, inside blisters, seemingly sprouting from your skin. Pliny the Elder mentioned a similar condition, which was addressed by the topical application of honey. You feel itching, crawling sensations, as if insects or fungal threads were growing under your skin.
Sound horrible? For the sufferers of Morgellons Disease, it is. (Fun fact: every time I read about Morgellons Disease, I have the same nightmare later that night, in which tiny thread-like mushrooms sprout from my bones out through my skin. I'll not be sleeping tonight. Thanks, Internet!)

New Device Detects Cervical Cancer with Spectroscopy

Space tech meets medical science in new cervical scan

The HPV vaccine has made great strides in preventing cervical cancer, but it hasn't rendered the disease obsolete. Doctors still need to screen for potentially cancerous cells down there just to be on the safe side. And thanks to the recent marriage of gynecology and astrophysics, they have a new set of tools to do so.

Professional star-gazers have been using spectroscopy--the analysis of interaction between matter and radiated energy--to check out celestial bodies far, far away from our home. Now, doctors can use the same technology to take a gander at some terrestrial bodies. Guided Therapeutics has developed a way to determine whether cervical cells are cancerous or not by shining a spectrum of light on them and seeing how they reflect it. Planets and cells alike can tell you a lot about themselves when hit with particular wavelengths of light. Cancer cells in the cervix have specific cellular markers that reflect that light in a distinguishing way, making them stand out from the normal, healthy cells around them.

Medications With Acetaminophen

There are various types of medication that acetaminophen is contained in. It can be found in cold and flu medication, pain relievers and a host of other topical skin medications that are rubbed into the skin. It is important to know what sources of medication you can obtain acetaminophen. By doing so you can avoid liver failure and acetaminophen toxicity. Here are two medications below to be aware of as sources.

Symptoms of Black Mold Toxicity

Stages and Testing.

One area that a medical specialist should be aware of is black mold toxicity. As the name suggests, Black Mold refers to the species Strachybotrys chartarum. This mold species produces a toxin that can be quite dangerous if it makes contact with skin. If the person is exposed for a long period of time, they will start to show symptoms. There is a blood test available to test black mold exposure.

Symptom Stages
The main symptoms of exposure to black mold and black mold toxicity is revealed in three stages. During the beginning stage, the person will feel intense itching on the skin. This is because the mold spores are in the air. The person will sneeze constantly and the eyes will be red and itchy. There might be a low grade headache that is associated witht htis stage.

During the second stage, toxicity has increased and the person will experience more serious symptoms such as hair loss, asthma, ulcers on the skins and swollen lymph nodes. The immune system will go into overdrive to get rid of the mold particles from the body.

Diagnosing Upper Right Quadrant Pain

One of the hardest things for a specialist to diagnose is right upper quadrant pain. The right area of the abdomen is the site of various organs and muscles. Therefore, an extensive differential diagnosis is needed when a person complains of pain in the upper right side of the body.

Firstly, upper quadrant pain on the right side of the abdomen can be due to the liver. Even with the liver, areas such as the right, middle and lower lobes can produce pain. The hepatic and portal ducts can also be a source of pain as structures of the liver. This is if they are infected or blocked. This pain can also happen in liver failure.

In this area, the gall bladder is located and it can also be swollen, infected or have a gallstone trapped in the duct.

How to Dispose of Medications Safely

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides guidance on the proper disposal of unused drugs.

Improperly disposing of medications opens the danger of illegal abuse, overdose, or unintentional use. Some drugs, if taken too much of, can not only lead to severe breathing problems, but death in pets, babies, children, and even adults.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides guidance on the proper disposal of unused drugs. The organization does say on their website that most drugs can be tossed in the household trash, but they recommend consumers take a number of precautions before throwing them away. The FDA also highlights that there is a growing number of medication take back programs in a growing number of communities across the United States. The organization touts this as a safer way to dispose of medication.

Pregnancy and Acetaminophen

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before taking any medication

A very controversial subject is the use of acetaminophen during pregnancy. Guidelines vary and any pregnant woman should consult her doctor before taking any medication. Acetaminophen is sold as Tylenol, and it is used within the United States to reduce pain. It is also used to treat any pain someone might be experiencing. This drug is commonly used in flu and fever medication. Therefore, a woman who is pregnant should read the label on flu medication to see if it is safe to take and consult her doctor. 

Medicine Report- Cancer Deaths Significantly Lower Over 20 Years

Reports indicate that over the last 20 years, more than a million people are alive who had cancer - all deaths considered avoided through modern medicine and treatment methods. According to a report, the death rate for some of the country's most common types of cancers shows that each year, the number of deaths is lower and lower. This shocking information is good news for the thousands of men and women who are diagnosed with the disease each year.

The most common cancers, including prostate, breast, colon and lung cancers have all seen a significant drop in death rates. Some of the more rare types of cancer, though, including pancreas, liver, thyroid and kidney forms, have seen increases in both death rates as well as the number of instances present.

Connection Between B12 and Megaloblastic Anemia

Ensuring that all the correct vitamins and minerals are received within the diet is not just good advice, but something that is essential to the body’s chemical pathways. A lot of the vitamins and minerals consumed are used to produce proteins, tissue such as bone, and even more importantly, DNA.

The diagnosis of megaloblastic anemia is due mainly to a Vitamin B12 deficiency within the body. This vitamin is very essential during DNA synthesis. Therefore, it should be noted that a deficiency of folate or vitamin B12 will not only affect the growth of red blood cells, but will also affect any cell that has to carry out DNA synthesis and divide.