August 2010

The Relationship Between Exercise and Technology

According to a recent article in the NYT, devices such as computers, cell phones, video games are taking too much of our time and are more demanding on our brains than we realize. The article points out the irony of many of today's busy professionals working out in gyms as they watch television or even use computers.

The article cites a study conducted by the University of California San Francisco- I was unable to find a link to the study- in which researchers found that rats deviating from their normal patterns of activity were able to learn more. A study from the University of Michigan cited in the article found that those walking in urban environments were less relaxed than those walking in nature.

Terrifying News about Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria.

Since first starting to write this post the title for the article I am citing has changed. I am not sure what scares me more - the fact that the media outlets are downplaying on what is a very IMPORTANT healthcare message... or that we have about 10 years left to live as we have been with antibiotics (as they are a big factor to the lives we currently enjoy).

Immunization Awareness Month

How up-to-date are your immunizations? If you are a parent, you might respond that your child is good to go—or, in some cases, that you don’t support immunizations—but what about yourself? If you are a parent with young children, you especially need to get vaccinated to prevent yourself from spreading infectious diseases to your baby; but all adults can benefit from keeping up with their regular immunization schedules.

The thing is, once we’re out of our parents’ homes—and out of the public school system—we often neglect these medicine schedules. Why? It’s likely because we’re not reminded. Nobody hands us an immunization schedule when we get our diplomas. Do you know which shots you need and when you need them? I don’t, either, so I decided to look them up.