May 2009

Medicinal Marijuana and MS

Yet another study has confirmed the benefits of marijuana. This particular study looked at the issue of how Medicinal Marijuana could benefit long-term sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis. MS, at the moment, has no known cure and affects the communication between the brain and the spinal cord, often leading to either cognitive or physical disabilities, or both.

The study set out to determine the effects of Medicinal Marijuana (cannabis) on muscle stiffness, which is a common symptom in long-term sufferers of MS. The researchers have gained what appears to be positive results in the patients who were involved with the study, but would like to extend it for a slightly longer time in order to get a better picture. They are also unwilling to to leak the exact benefits at this time.

Love Potion #9

Some of you may have taken Ecstasy or felt a euphoric high at a sporting event or concert, but how would you feel if you knew you could take a love potion? The love potion would stimulate you in the same way that love does, forcing you to attach yourself to whoever you see next.

Homeopathy Storms Off in a Huff

Yesterday, the Guardian's Ethical Living blog posted a pre-Q&A article for Neal's Yard Remedies.  Neal's Yard Remedies sells various essential oils, herbal remedies, homeopathic concoctions, and so forth.  The Guardian asked people to post their questions in the comments, and promised that the folks at Neal's Yard Remedies would respond.

The comments thread immediately went hilariously left of field.  My personal favorite is, "I've been soaking a £20 note in a bathfull of water for the last few days, is it ok to pay for an order using my new homeopathic money? I now seem to have rather a lot of it."

Female Orgasms, Some Interesting Studies

Did you know that you can tell about a woman's orgasms by the way she walks? Or that a woman's brain shuts off during during orgams? Or that there is actually a "raging" controversy about whether the female orgasm was for evolutionary reasons or by accident?

Despite the fact that i'm a woman, I realized that until I did a little research into the female orgasm myself that I knew very little about the female orgasm beyond personal experience as a woman.

"Why Don't You Just Take A Sick Day, You Selfish Git?"

"Take a sick day," people say, as if it's easy as that.  With the recent swine flu hysteria, everyone is pointing fingers at the Typhoid Marys of the world who struggle out into public even when they are coughing, sneezing, running fevers.  They drag their germ-producing carcasses into work, to the grocery store, to the gas station.  They sneeze and then touch the door handle, the elevator button, the hand rail.  And everyone suffers.

The problem is that this willful, selfish Typhoid Mary is a straw man, a fictional construct.  I've been guilty of this, myself.  I vividly remember informing a coworker that she should take a sick day and go home before she got us all sick.  She sniffled and gave me an exasperated look.  "I don't HAVE any sick days," she said.