Your Friendly Germ Cloud

Everybody's got one

We're all fond of telling kids about all of the tiny microscopic organisms that live on our skin, and the craze for "good bacteria" and probiotics in the gut has everyone reaching for yogurt or making their own kefir (confession: I do that, but still prefer the flavored versions better!). But did you know that, like Pigpen from the Peanuts gang, there's also a cloud of bacteria that swarms around you at all times as well? It's a little unsettling when you think about it, but it'll probably become just another fact of life once we get used to the idea. 

Known as an exposome, this cloud of bacteria varies widely from person to person and everything you do, from farting to picking your nose to even breathing, alters it in some way. This busy cloud is full of cell parts, yeast and trillions of bacteria, making it sort of like an aerial junkyard you tote around but just can't see. Covering your face when you sneeze just doesn't seem adequate anymore, does it?

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