Wrong Diagnosis, Unknown Treatment

Is the healthcare industry cutting too many corners?

My best friend's husband is in the hospital right now and the medical staff are pretty much shaking their heads, wondering what to do to help him. While it's true that there are lots of conditions that we still don't know how to treat, this is one we do, yet he keeps getting worse. She and I got into a discussion about the general lack of knowledge, know-how and communication we get from medical professionals and we are wondering if we're not cutting too many corners in this area. Another friend took the "fast track" nursing school option, a popular program for new nurses that only takes two years to complete, and the amount of material covered doesn't seem nearly enough for a nurse to learn. 

From being misdiagnosed every time I've seen a doctor in the last 12 years to having random mistakes from the wrong medicine (which resulted in a terrible infection) to being put on room air instead of oxygen following surgery, I can attest to this issue. These experiences are the reasons why I'd rather turn to Web MD than a doctor to tell me that my kid has chicken pox (Urgent Care told us it was bed bugs!), thanks. Conventional wisdom tells me we need to see a doctor for these issues but every time we see one, we pay for care that doesn't work and have to try something else. What other industry allows such terrible service? I get a taco wrong at Qdoba and they fix it for me. They don't charge me for another office visit.

Obviously this isn't about ALL healthcare professionals (#notalldoctors) but it seems to be a big problem for many people. Have you ever had a doctor get your diagnosis or treatment wrong? How about treatments that ended up costing you thousands in medical damages, as one of mine did? Share your stories in the chat.

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