Women in Medicine Say Me Too

Yes, Even Doctors Are Harassed

Doctors are in such positions of power that it's difficult to think of them as victims of anything, let alone harassment, but it happens to women no matter their profession. Women in the medical field are also often likely to be lower down the food chain within the hierarchy, giving many higher-ups a sense of entitlement and power over them. A recent slew of doctors have come forward to share their #metoo moments and they are just as disturbing as any other women's stories.

Some stories are of physical assault. Some are of disparaging comments. As many as 30% of women in the medical field are reporting these terrible stories, and the only thing that's not terrible about them is that they are finally being heard. In a decade, nearly 5,000 cases were filed by women who were victims of sexual harassment in the medical and social work fields. How on earth are these women supposed to be saving lives when their own are filled with stress and abuse?

What can we do about sexual harassment, period? What will finally stop this terrible practice? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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