Woman Assaulted in Vegetative State Gives Birth

No one is outraged enough about this.

It's bad enough to lose a decade of your life due to a tragic near drowning incident, but it's downright vile to experience not only a rape but a full pregnancy while in a vegetative state. That's what happened to a woman in Phoenix, and now Hacienda Healthcare is under a full investigation to find out who assaulted this poor woman, both raping her and forcing her to carry out an entire pregnancy against her will. 

There are really no words to decribe the heinousness of this act, and I hope the man guilty of this crime is swiftly found and imprisoned. What a terrible fate for this woman and an infant all because of some man who abused his job and the fragile person who was entrusted in his care. It's also terrible how no one noticed that she was ever pregnant. If her health were truly monitored daily, there had to be some signs or symptoms to be seen.

The only thing I can say is that we have to continue to fight toxic masculinity and violence against woman caused by men. My heart goes out to this woman and her family. Please write to your legislators to ask for better monitoring in care facilities and harsher consequences for rapists.


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