Why Women Remove Body Hair

It's a pretty stupid reason...

Have you ever wondered why women remove their body hair? There's nothing wrong with it; in fact, it serves a lot of purposes, from carrying pheromones to aiding with sweat wicking and other functions. It's supposed to be there; why else would you grow it? But many women and men have a phobia of hair on women's bodies and it can be traced back to the shaving companies themselves.

When a razor company decided that they needed to increase profits a few decades ago, they decided to target women, saying that shaving made them cleaner, smoother, you get the idea. The whole reason why we shave today is linked to a company's desire to make more money; that's it. There's no medical reason why women shave, and when people demand that women shave it's pretty stupid. In many countries they don't shave at all. Like lots of other customs, like getting diamonds for engagement, it's really nothing to do with us and our preferences but all about the companies that sell these products.

Knowing this, would you still teach your daughters to shave? Would you try going shave-free?

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