What are Your Nails Telling You?

It could be serious

Have you ever thought that you have weird fingernails? Maybe they grow strange, have ridges or are a color other than one you'd normally expect. It turns out that some of these "nail symptoms" can be signs of a health issue you might need to have checked out.

A brown vertical stripe, for example, can be a sign of cancer, or a sign of a hormonal imbalance. If your nails break easily, it could be a sign of poor diet, iron-deficiency anemia or even thyroid disease. Ridges, on the other hand, can mean a whole plethora of things, from old age to stress, high fever to serious illness. Doctors say you shouldn't file these down because it only makes your nails thinner. Talk to your doctor about these or any other abnormalities you notice in your nails.

Have you heard of any other strange symptoms that might indicate something more serious? Share your findings below!

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