Weird Historical Medical Practices

Aren't you glad we don't do these anymore?

As a progressive parent, it often astounds me that people still use spanking. It's a cruel, outdated practice that's been proven to not only not work but to cause harm on a developing child, but no matter how much evidence is presented, pro-spankers hold to it based on the sound idea that "if it was good enough for me, it's good enough for them," which is pretty much the opposite of what any parent should believe, right? Shouldn't we want a better world for our kids? But I digress.

Looking at this list of strange and often cruel medical practices that were once commonplace, I think about spanking (and all kinds of things that we do as part of "normal" life today) and wonder what will be outdated in another 50 or 100 years. Will people still drill in dentistry or will stem cells replace many of those treatments? I'm still wondering why dentists can't use lasers. Eye doctors can! Every few years we discover that something we think is great is bad for us (fat! no, sugar!), something that we think is terrible is wonderful for our bodies (the verdict is out on coffee, depending on the study you follow) and regulations are constantly in flux so badly that they really should make a Fluxx: Medical Decisions edition.

Tobacco smoke enemas, urine for teeth whitening... what do you think is the weirdest "health" practice of our past? Of today?

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