We Don't Have Blue Blood

Even if your rich, your blood isn't blue

It's so embarrassing to see the myths we perpetuated as kids debunked on the Internet sometimes, isn't it? Some of us will fight to the death to proclaim Pluto's planetary status or that the Great Wall of China is visible from space but the fact remains that humans are proven wrong every day. We really shouldn't be embarrassed, though; instead, we should be open to learning from mistakes and moving forward. It's too bad that too many of us don't learn that failure is actually a good thing, and research shows that until we move away from grade-based systems that trend will probably continue.

One of the many myths from our childhoods currently being debunked is that blood is blue. It's just not true, and you'd have to wonder how many times we all got cut or scraped our knees to ever even come to that conclusion. It makes sense that we'd think that those blue-looking veins remained that way until they were exposed to oxygen, but then again, our blood carries oxygen, so... Our argument was that we were looking at blood that just didn't have oxygen in it yet. Okay, Skipper.

Here's a great breakdown about the color of blood (hint: you know it already!) and probably more info than you want to need about the myth. What other health myths have you read about that were debunked recently?

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