Veggie-Based Snacks

What do you think of the plant-based trend?

Goldfish just announced that they are launching two new flavors that are more plant-based in order to get more veggies into kids' diets. The flavors, cheesy tomato and sweet carrot, sound pretty good, but they don't actually replace vegetables. When you read more closely, they are meant to be a snack option that's just a bit better for you than regular Goldfish crackers. Hmmm...

I've been noticing this trend a lot lately among companies and I'm not a fan of calling something plant-based and then have it be largely the same product with a little more vegetables thrown in for flavor or variety. Americans truly need more real veggie-based diets, and it's not hard to make snacks out of veggies if companies would just do it. We make them at home all of the time, so I get excited when I see a product at the store that we might be able to eat--only to see it's the same starchy junk with some veggie powder thrown in. 

It makes sense that making veggie snacks would be more costly, at least at first, and many of them do have shorter shelf-lives, but I think the demand would be there if companies would sell the products. The bulk of our diet is supposed to be veggie-based, so why not sell more snacks that actually are?

What do you think of veggie-based snacks? How do you get more vegetables in your diet, and do you use veggies as snacks at home?

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