Vaccinations for All

Herd immunity is not herd mentality

The more we research vaccines and how many people are against getting them, the more outraged I feel. The TED Talk I linked to there gives a good summary of the issue at hand as well as why so many parents, including highly educated parents (including Ben Franklin, who later regretted his decision), are reluctant to vaccinate or even refuse to do so.

The religious reasons? They're bull. The safety ones? They definitely need further work to help make them safer, sure, but knowing that you have a higher risk of being hit by lightning or dying on a plane than having an allergic reaction to an inoculation makes me furious. I know many parents who don't vaccinate, yet they put their kids in cars daily. The risk of death by car accident? 1 in 77. How can you put your kid in a car if you're unwilling to vaccinate? How can you leave the house at all or even eat lunch meat, eggs or other foods that can potentially cause food poisoning?

It seems as if anti-vaxxers use the same kind of logic those who "don't believe" in global warming use and I'm not even sure how to reach people when it comes to this. I do know that when a disease that was gone is brought back there's something to worry about.

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