Unique Mental Health Treatment Ideas

What has worked for you?

While this is obviously not the blog of a doctor and not ever meant to be medical advice, and you should talk to your own doctor before trying any treatments, this story about a woman who needed help getting away from cutting herself is an interesting one. Her therapist suggested drawing on herself instead, which makes sense; how many of us have drawn on ourselves to deal with anxiety? I know I have, especially while in school.

It made me think of other unique treatments for mental health. For example, I am known to really deck my planner out in stickers, drawings, glued-in magazine bits, what have you. It's a bit of a chaotic mess, filled with my scribles, tasks, appointments, reminders and art--but it helps me manage my anxiety so much, especially if we're in public and I am just feeling like I need to flee. I can concentrate on something right in front of me that I can control and it's very calming.

What helps you manage your stress and anxiety or promotes your mental health? Share your tips in the chat.

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