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Maybe these will help

Everyone I know seems to be dealing with some sort of anxiety lately. Even me. I've found a lot of things that help, whether they include dancing and moving around, journaling out my feelings, talking with my partner and a good nap--or even a good cry. But sometimes you just can't access the things that help or you need something new to try. I wish everyone in the world could see a therapist, and since that's not the case, articles like this Buzzfeed list written by Tom Vellner might help.

The list has some wonderful tips, from using child's pose to vocalizing your irrational thoughts to hear what they really sound like. (My daughter and I ask ourselves, "Is this a true thought?" when our thoughts start to really judge us harshly.) There's a total of nine tips that you can check out, including Vellner's explanations.

What do you do to deal with your anxiety? Share your tips in the chat.

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