Starbucks Must Issue a Cancer Warning

Judge rules the company must comply

Say it ain't so, Starbucks! Cancer? There is a byproduct that occurs from roasting coffee beans known as acrylamide that is a known cancer causing agent. It's present in dozens of coffees, including Starbucks, and a judge in Los Angels has ruled that the company must label their products to confirm this chemical's presence. 

Judge Elihu Berle said that had the company proven there was no significant risk associated with the chemical in their coffee, they wouldn't have the burden of issuing the warning. Perhaps this will encourage brewers to seek out new methods and attempt to find ways to make coffee without making the byproduct. According to the National Coffee Association, the label will mislead consumers since coffee can be a healthy part of the diet.

Do you think acrylamide is dangerous enough to warrant the label? Do you actively avoid the chemical? Share your thoughts in the chat.


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