Sometimes A Spade Is A Spade

Trust your instincts but feel free to get a second opinion, too

Remember how last week we talked about how sometimes, as obvious as it seems, your condition may be something else entirely? How conditions like gallstones are often diagnosed as heartburn? Well, the opposite can be equally true! How many times did you decide you had a cold, then strep, then a cold, only to realize that DUH, your symptoms pointed to the cold the whole time? As painful as one can be, sometimes you just have a really painful version of the less serious condition! In such cases you probably just need a stronger dose of medicine from your doctor or more time to heal and get better.

As we talked about last week, self-diagnosis can be a pretty troublesome business. Yes, you know your body better than anyone, so if you don't get an answer to a question about something that you know feels wrong in your body, defintiely get another opinion. But you also don't know all of the signs and symptoms of disease, which your doctor has studied, so it's important to consider those benchmarks of a condition. Even so, there's always the potential to have something entirely different or new based on your own body, so you still have to be your own advocate. Be persistent to get the healthcare answers you need!

Have you ever received a misdiagnosis? What did you do?


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