Slurping Up The Sunscreen

No, not in a Benchwarmers way...

We always say that we can assess an environment by checking out the local frogs, since everything permeates their skin so easily. They're like living environmental barometers. But we shouldn't sell ourselves short, because as it turns out, so are we. Years ago I read about a mother who attempted to keep her child free of any kinds of toxic chemicals by avoiding everything possible, keeping to an organic lifestyle, etc. only to find out that when his blood was tested, it still registered a bunch of fire retardants and other substances that horrified her.

Whether this was true or not, we all know that we're swimming in a sea of chemicals from all of the things everything from our clothing to our furniture to the very air has in it. A new report now says that the chemicals in sunscreen are found in our blood just a day after slathering the stuff on, and it's at more than the FDA's recommended limits. The skin cancer scare has left everyone scrambling for sunscreen on a daily basis and it seems like it might be doing as much harm as good. I just got a new sunscreen stick--even as a redhead, I sheepishly only wear it in the summer months, and only when I know I'll be in the sun for a long time--and now I'm wondering about whether to chuck it or not!

Do you wear sunscreen? What do you think of these findings?

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