Should We Merge With Robots?

Some experts think so

According to theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, humans should just go ahead and merge with robots because in 100 years or less they may be smart enough to take humanity over. He also says that aliens have probably already developed this kind of technology, too. There's some positive news for you today!

Between scientists telling us that we're a simulation to Elon Musk insisting that at the rate of their development, robots will be able to overtake the human race, we live in a scary time. Okay, we live in a scary time anyway; just turn on the news. But we have tech advancing way too rapidly for our own laws to keep up with and it certainly feels like we're in over our heads. Then again, we've heard about humans playing god for years, ever since a sheep was cloned and an ear was grown on the back of a rat, and we're still here... for now.

Do you think we should merge with robots in order to ensure the safety of humanity? If so, what do you think this trans-species might look like?

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