Roahd Dahl Lost Daughter To Measles

Why are we letting this disease make a comeback?

As a homeschooler, I happen to know many "anti-vaxxers" who don't vaccinate their kids. While I understand their concerns, I have my own concerns on the validity of their research (remember when we used to say, "Don't believe everything you read on the Internet?" Somehow that's made a complete reversal), and personally I have witnessed so many kids saved by vaccines that I gladly make the choice to vaccinate and am grateful that I have the science and technology to do so. My daughter contracted RSV as a preemie and it threatened her life when our insurance denied the Synagis shot that would have prevented it, and after that they did approve the monthly shot but we had to pay $500 a month for copays. That was a stretch in our budget but we paid it and would do it again.

Roald Dahl might say the same thing regarding his own child. I had no idea that the author (whom my daughter loves) lost his daughter to measles but after reading his letter about her death I had tears in my eyes. I think if more parents lived in his time they'd understand, and unfortunately the measles outbreak that's happening now could easily spread and cause similar conditions to exist. Our children will look back at us accusingly and wonder why we allowed it to happen after we'd all but eradicated the illness.

What do you think should be done about the measles outbreak? Do you think vaccines should be mandatory?

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