The Power Of Positive Thinking

Do you think it has a lot of benefits?

Positive thinking is all the rage right now, especially with people believing in the Law of Attraction, and while I think that it's generally a good idea, I've also seen some harm come out of it when people refuse to think of anything except positivity. They seem to lack empathy for others when they do this, and I've seen too many people ignore actual real problems that they could help with, particularly in our government, by just leaving things to "god's hands." I think a healthy dose of action, and some compassion, go well with positive thinking.

Science shows that it does have benefits to our health and happiness, as does fake smiling, oddly enough. Did you know that wishing someone well alone can be beneficial? Not only can it help create connections and reduce stress and anxiety, but it also often leads to compassionate caregiving between friends, family and coworkers. 

What do you think about the power of positive thinking? Do you think it helps your health at all? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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