The Power of the Human Voice

Do voices heal?

Did you know that talking to a loved one can actually activate the part of your brain that lights up when you hug that person? Studies have also shown that when a person gets a live phone call or audio message from a loved one it induces more feelings of security and calm than a text message does. In short, hearing voices is good for us, which is a bit sad when you realize how little we hear voices today. Texting and emailing have replaced the presence of phone calls and many people prefer to be alone and avoid others even if they don't identify as introverts.

The rise of depression and medicated conditions in the nation might be due to more people willing to seek mental health help, which is fantastic, but what if it's due to our own lonely lifestyles? What if it's due to the lack of touch, the lack of human voice and interaction, that our tech-tied lives tend to have? Could less tech and more interaction help us all feel better? Studies point toward yes, but how do you actually pull that off when everyone is so busy and others would rather interact on social media than in person? Presumably you get new friends who like to see your face.

What do you think of these findings? Do you find that vocal interaction impacts your life in a positive way?

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