People Are Overdosing on Fentanyl

Drug causes many deaths in St. Louis

A synthetic pain killer is causing death and destruction across the St. Louis area. Fentanyl was to blame in almost half of last year's overdose deaths in America alone, with 95 percent of the deaths in St. Louis being attributed to the drug. It's gotten so bad that when someone is found with a needle in their arm, fentanyl is automatically thought to be the culprit. The respiratory suppressant, which is used in hospitals to help manage pain and anasthesia, is now frequently shipped in the country from other nations, making access easier than ever.

One of the biggest dangers of the drug is that it's often mixed with other drugs, making the user completely unaware that he or she is taking fentanyl in the first place. It's sold as counterfeit Xanax and Valium or cut with heroine and other hard drugs, making it undetectable to most users who wouldn't know until it's too late. Unfortunately common remedies are also ineffective against this fast-acting drug.

It's a shame that most of our country's worst drug problems are now coming from the drugs manufactured to assist with health problems. How do you think this issue could be combated?

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