Non-Smoking Island

Would you want to live there?

In an effort to become a healthier place to live, the Greek island Astypalaia has become a smoke-free place. The island is littered with cigarette butts every year, and instead of spending so much time and money on efforts to clean them up, citizens have decided to make the island a smoke-free place to live instead. According to the island's tourism website, it's an effort to improve "well-being, quality and pureness of life."

As the first smoke-free island, Astypalaia is making history and encouraging people to come and join in the smoke-free lifestyle. As a non-smoker, I must admit that this is an attractive idea, especially since places filled with heavy smoke make me sensitive and sick. When I spend a couple of hours in a friend's house who smokes, for example, I go home with allergy symptoms that linger for a couple of days. As much as I don't want to infringe on the choices of my loved ones, I have to say that I'd love never having to experience that.

What do you think of a non-smoking island? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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