New Contacts Have Zoom Capabilities

It's an incredibly tempting idea...

As a terribly nearsighted writer, I am sometimes envious of people who don't need glasses, or who wear them conditionally for minor needs. My dad has 20/20 vision and I can't even drive well because of my vision. My poor kid inherited my sight as well. So the idea of contact lenses that let you zoom in on things makes me so excited--not just for me, but especially for my teenager. When Emma Swan from the show Once Upon a Time said that we all try to give our kids their best chance, she was right--even if most of the examples in the show were really the opposite of the concept!--and if my child could see better, I'd definitely want that for them.

These lenses zoom in on things when you double blink rapidly, an amazing scientific design that still gives me a bit of the jitters. Attaching anything robotic to your body makes me uneasy, but in this case, it may be worth it. My husband has an arm held together by pins and wires, which isn't as robotic as this idea, but it's certainly a reminder of what's possible. There are so many scientists who just think we should all be cyborgs anyway that it can be distressing to think about, though.

So what do you think of robotic contact lenses? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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