Mental Health Check-In At School

I love this idea so much.

A teacher has created a mental health check-in board for their students and I couldn't love this idea more. It is SUCH a fantastic idea! I remember when I struggled with depression in high school. I worked full time (which allowed me to buy school supplies, eat free, buy my clothes, etc. which helped in my low-income household), did AP courses, took care of my siblings and home while my parents worked, managed several after-school activities, did two sports and never slept. I'd get home after school, help my sisters with homework, clean house, make dinner, head to work, get home at 11pm, do my homework and, if I was lucky, get two hours of sleep before doing it all over again.

During all of this, I had a health teacher--a health teacher!--who didn't have any idea what I was going through tell me I "didn't handle stress well." I had physics and calculus teachers--the subjects I struggled most in during this time--act rather snide toward me instead of offering me a bone. I had no idea what I was doing was so terrible for my health, I gained 60 pounds (eating nothing but fast food from where you work will do that, even if you play softball!) and really all I needed was some sleep. If I took a nap before work, my mom, who yelled a lot, would call me lazy. Later, when I was grown up, she admitted that she was just a scared parent all the time, which is why she yelled.

I can't even imagine how much this kind of classroom management would have helped me and others like me. I hope many more do this. How about you?

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