Meds Or Food?

Having to choose between the two, Americans die

30 million Americans live with diabetes, which makes insulin, which is free in many countries, a necessity for survival. It's widely known that when the scientists who created insulin for diabetic patients designed it, they wanted everyone to be able to access it, allowing it to be mass produced without a profit. Today's pharmaceutical industry is an entirely different story, with the drug's cost rising 555%, including 45% in the last few years alone. People are choosing between groceries and their meds, which is killing them either way. Some are even cutting their meds in half, believing it better to get at least a little when they can't afford the whole prescription.

America, if we're going to call ourselves a developed country, we need to take care of our citizens like other developed nations do and provide universal healthcare. You can't have life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without it, and you certainly can't have life when you're choosing between which treatments and medicines won't leave you without rent money. Voters need to seriously consider this issue when it comes to next year's election. So many other nations do this that it's simply outrageous that the United States isn't on board as well.

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