Medi Teddy

A clever IV bag cover

In high school, we used to collect bears to deliver to kids in hospitals. It never seemed like much to give the kids, but what could you really get them to help them feel like they weren't in the hospital anymore? It turns out that a little girl in the hospital, Ella Casano, had a much better idea: to use teddy bears to hide IV bags and make them less scary for kids. 

Her "Medi Teddy" makes IV bags look like friendly, fuzzy faces instead of such clinical devices, making them multi-purpose creations. They can be used as teddy bears later, but they have a grommet to hang as well as a mesh bag for the IV fluid bag to sit in. It's such a creative invention by a creative little girl who has had to spend a lot of time in the hospital.

Have you seen any other cool things to help kids in hospitals? Share them in the chat.

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