Life Cycle of HIV

Visualize with this animated video

While knowing we still have painful, life-threatening diseases, many of which are becoming resistant to treatments, is a sobering thought, we do live in an age where we've understood illness better than ever before. At least we don't think we get the flu because the gods are mad at us... okay, some politicians and evangelists may still buy into this but most of us get how bacteria and viruses work. What's even cooler is that there are videos of actual germs and viruses, whether animated by experts or taken in real time, to help us really visualize the concept.

Cellular biologist Janet Iwasa of the University of Utah has not only spent years studying HIV but she's also developed an animated video depicting how the life cycle of HIV works. The movement and color in the video is remarkable and engaging, whether you are a scientist or not, and not only does it help to illustate the process in a way that papers just can't convey, but it also has the potential of getting more people interested in this line of work.

What do you think of the video? Were you able to follow the life cycle more easily with the graphics?

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