Ladybugs with STDs

Luckily, they aren't harmful to humans

Do you think that ladybugs are lucky? I don't know if they are or not, but we always welcome them when we see them, especially if they land on us, which we say is lucky. Sure, we get swarms once in a while--I remember one year when they invaded our new high school and covered every stairway!--but they help control aphids and they're beautiful, harmless creatures, right?

Apparently there are swarms of ladybugs invading England right now that aren't so harmless. They are riddled with STDs that can spread and harm other ladybugs! While this isn't so much of a threat to humans, scientists are saying it's not exactly something to welcome in your home, so you should attempt to keep them out as long as you can.

It never even occured to me that bugs might carry STDs. I wonder what other animals carry them? Share what you know in the chat!

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