Keep Your Religious Ideas Out Of Healthcare

Things just got worse

Remember how we were all outraged when it was ruled that pharmacists could reject your order if it was against their religious beliefs? Your life-saving medication just isn't as important as their personal beliefs, amirite? This is not okay, it never has been okay, and if you don't want to give someone medicine then get out of that business.

Now the Trump administration is giving the same deal to doctors and entire hospitals! If you don't want to treat someone based on your beliefs, it's fine, they can just die. This is absolutely outrageous. Does the Hippocratic Oath mean nothing anymore? If you don't want to save people, don't be a doctor, and for Pete's sake, if your views are that strong go into reality TV like everyone else.

I can't wait until these idiots are out. They have no business messing up people's lives like they are doing.

How will this law affect you?

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