It's Not Necessarily a Yeast Infection

Be sure about your symptoms

Having resources to help us understand how diseases work, what types of treatments are available and what common patients have experienced is very helpful to modern people looking for answers. It's when we self-diagnose that we start running into problems. Take a standard yeast infection. Many sources say that if the discharge is white and there's no odor, it's not a bacterial infection, but a yeast infection. Plenty of people, however, have discovered that with their bodies, that just isn't the case. Acid reflux is another weird disease. Sometimes patients with gallbladder problems chalk them up to reflux!

That's not to say that doctors won't be wrong. There are hundreds of stories of patients who were misdiagnosed with acid reflux instead of gallbladder disease, and thousands more of other misdiagnosis stories. There are even cases where a doctor treated one illness only to discover something much more benign, or severe, instead. You should always seek out another opinion whenever possible if you don't agree with a doctor or the treatment you received backfired. 

Have you ever tried to diagnose a problem yourself only to have it get worse? How about with a physician? Share your stories in the chat below.

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