The Incredible Growing and Shrinking Liver

Sleep is even more important with this discovery

Did you know that your liver grows during the day and shrinks back to its original size at night while you rest? In a new study published last month, researchers explained that the livers of mice are largest when they are most active and shrink back down when they are sleeping. It makes sense when you think about it: the liver swells while it's working hardest, then relaxes when you relax.

The expanding of the liver, explains scientists, is due to the body's cycles of feeding and fasting. Higher protein levels and ribosome activity occur at the same time. This "clockwork" like activity is a new discovery that could help medical providers immensely in terms of liver health, and it's yet another reason in a long line of reasons to get your full night (or day, if you work nights!) of sleep every 24 hours. Your body needs that time to rest, repair and stay healthy, and if you don't get it, your entire body suffers--including your liver.

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