How Love is Good Medicine

List the reasons why you think it is, too

Friends, children, parents, siblings, lovers... no matter who you love, love is good for you. There are plenty of benefits of being in love to be had. That feel-good drug that makes you feel happy all the time when you're in love? That's dopamine, and it's what gives you that big, dopey lovestruck grin. This chemical stays steady in steady relationships rather than in new ones, which can be stressful.

The oxytocin that is released during cuddling, sex and staring into a loved one's eyes is not only good for creating attachment to one another, but it also helps your stress levels. Did you know that calling or texting your loved ones can even cause its release? Oxytocin can even be released when you stare into the eyes of your dog!

What other benefits are there for love, health-wise? Share your thoughts in the chat.

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