HIV Cured in Mice

Humans may be next

For years, a relative of mine has stated that they are convinced that we have a cure for AIDS, but that the government would never release it because it would cost the pharmaceutical companies too much money. I get the conspiracy and I know big pharma is the worst--especially in a nation that should have had universal healthcare ages ago--but I don't know if we have ever found a cure. What I do know is that scientists have cured HIV in mice, and humans may be next!

The cure involves targeting the virus with a slow release laser treatment, followed by gene editing to remove the virus. While I'm not one to support editing genes for frivolous means, I must admit that this purpose is THE reason to do it and it's so exciting to read about. When you think of all the people who've died from this terrible illness, or any illness we've since been able to cure, it's very sobering. I sure hope this leads to a cure and send the best of luck to the reseachers making it happen.

What other amazing medical news have you read about this week?

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