Help Stop Malaria

It's really easy to help

No, you may not be able to cure or even treat malaria patients, but you could really help prevent infections in a really easy and inexpensive way. Donating mosquito netting to people who live in malaria-heavy areas is one of my favorite ways to take part in Giving Tuesday (or any other time!) because it's one I know helps people and it's something I can afford to do. Mosquito netting helps keep bugs off people and away from infecting them, which sounds too simple to be true but it works!

If you donate to Nothing But Nets, an amount as small as $10 can provide a life-saving net to someone who needs it in a malaria-vulnerable area. I learned about the organization about a decade ago when I worked with a nonprofit organization and since then, they've helped to increase net use in some areas as much as 50% or more. The more people who help, the more they can spread the nets and protect from deadly mosquito bites.

You could also help cut down on malaria cases by, you know, voting for people who fight global warming, which causes mosquito populations to rise.

Are you giving to any health-related causes this Giving Tuesday? Share them in the chat!

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