Having The Talk During Middle Age

Puberty, Part II

Have you read the piece in the New York Times about how women need to have "The Talk" again in their forties because their bodies go through so many changes at this point in life? It's something we all have on our peripheral vision but never really deeply think about until it's actually happening to us, right? I remember when I experienced weird symptoms during my pregnancy, from gum bleeding to severe backaches (yes, your bones are widening out to accomodate a baby--back pain is normal!), and thought, "Why didn't anyone ever talk to me about this?" You hear about the stretch marks, cravings, morning sickness (which was more random in my case), but there are tons of symptoms that just don't get as much air time.

The same goes for menopause, apparently, and I for one can wait until I'm there in another decade or so. That said, why don't we have a talk about it with our doctors? Better yet, let's teach it as a part of health class. Sure, it will mostly be forgotten but at least we'll have it vaguely on our radar, right?

What do you wish someone had told you about menopause or aging?

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