Have You Tried Intuitive Eating?

It seems like the kind of eating we're born doing...

Intuitive eating are buzzwords right now, but should they really be all that new to us? To me, it seems as if the concept is the one we're really born with, and it doesn't change until we start to internalize thoughts and beliefs surrounding food and health that we get from other people. I am really digging Jes Baker's definition of intuitive eating at the link, where she says that it's about fulfilling your needs to the best of your ability, and that's going to look very different for people with different health and budget constrictions.

The food shaming, for starters, has to stop. There have always been families with budgets stretched so thin that they've relied upon higher calorie foods that may not be as healthy as a salad in order to keep their little ones' tummies full. Intuitive eating can be the healthiest form of eating, even in this sort of situation, when it means actually listening to your body about its needs and not forcing weird rules on it. This is especially true for feeding babies on demand; I've never understood parents who insist on a schedule out of convenience (although one out of medical necessity certainly makes sense).

What do you think of intuitive eating? Have you tried this way of life?

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