Gym Germs

Do you wipe your equipment down?

People raise a lot of stink about the germs found on keyboards, kitchen sponges and cell phones, but the equipment we use to work out at the gym is also covered in gross bacteria microbes that you wouldn't want to touch if you knew they were there. A treadmill, for example, has 416 times the amount of bacteria as a toilet!

To combat the icky, make sure to wipe down your equipment both before and after you use it, and spraying it with an a sanitizing product is always a good idea, too. Always wash your hands after touching anything at the gym (and again when you get home!), and avoid touching your face or eating while you're there, too. Take a shower as soon as you can after using the gym.

What do you do to stay healthy and avoid gym germs? Share your tips in the chat.

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