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Prescriptions at Prices We Should Already Be Paying

The markups on prescription drugs are like the ones in all things healthcare related: absolutely outrageous. Not a week goes by when I wonder what it might be like to live in a country where healthcare is a right and medicines average around $5 each. And before you say, "Like it or leave it!" as many people use to argue against universal healthcare or Medicare expansion, can we just agree that implementing positive change is OKAY to do in your country? If you disagree with that, then please relinquish your public school education, military and police protection, roads, sewer and water treatments and anything else that resulted from positive change in this nation.

Although we don't yet have universal healthcare (and I do stress yet; I hope for my daughter to have it by the time she grows up), there are ways around paying the highest price for prescription drugs. You already know that you can ask for generics, which almost always work the same, but did you know that you can get meds at Costco a lot more cheaply than other stores, incuding Wal-Mart? And have you heard of Good Rx, a website where you can compare prescription drug prices and get coupons to use at your local pharmacy, saving you lots of money?

How do you save money on your prescriptions? Share your tips in the chat.

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