From Meds To Illegal Substances

It's funny what we label as good or bad...

You are probably well aware that cocaine used to be utilized as a medicine, but did you know that quaaludes and chloroform were also considered medicines at some point in history? It's amazing what we've used, believing it to be good for us, and what we've outlawed as "bad." People like to argue that the government merely outlaws what it can't tax, but if that were true, all community and personal gardens wouldn't be allowed (yikes, don't say that aloud!). All kidding aside, we now know that not only was hemp an incredibly helpful crop in the U.S. before it was outlawed, and that using it could really help the environment, but that it was also outlawed to turn Mexicans into villains. 

It makes me wonder what will be outlawed in 20 years, especially given the current opioid epidemic courtesy of prescription drugs. I wonder if there's ever been a time in history where most peoples' drug sources were their own doctors? I'm sure it's been a regular thing since doctors existed, but it also feels like we're not doing much to stop it. 

What drugs do you think need to be rendered illegal instead of medical and why?

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